when to take everything?!

  1. when to take everything?!

    In a few weeks ill be coming to the end of my cycle of:

    Test-Enanthate - weeks 1-10 @ 350mg/week
    Dianabol - weeks 1-6 @ 30mg/day

    For pct i have some clomid, nolva, and i also have a bottle of anabolic extreme advanced pct, and a bottle of anabolic inovations stoked! lying around so thing ill take that as well.

    Im just wondering when I should start all this stuff. I was told to start the clomid and nolva 2 weeks after my last jab, but have read somewhere else that the half-life of test-e is only about 5 days, so isnt 2 weeks leaving it a bit long? Should I start the a-pct and the stoked all togehter with the clomid and nolva too?


  2. interesting question.. i have heard half-lifes anywhere from 5-12 days for enanth
    i dono if i would wait 2 weeks, maybe 1 week but lets wait to hear from a chemist!
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  3. anyone?

  4. wait 10-14 days (probably closer to 10 considering you're taking a moderate dose of test) after your last testosterone injection and start nolvadex at 40mg every day. Run that for 1-2 weeks at that dosage then drop to 20mg and run for another couple weeks. You might want to also pick up some aromasin and run that 25mg ED for the extent of your PCT.

    I don't know about the clomid since I don't use it (maybe somebody else can help you with that). You can run it concurrently with the nolvadex but I'd assume since your cycle was relatively light that you won't need it (by now the estradiol from the dbol will probably be entirely gone). Also don't know about the other products you have. You don't want to take anything that is very anabolic since that will suppress natural recovery most likely. Just nolva and aromasin you'd be fine I bet.

    How did your cycle go?

  5. I think you want to start pct at the end of the active life of the test which is 14 days I beleive for Test E. Standard pct would be clomid/nolva 100/40,50/20,50/20,50/20 nothing set in stone just a general idea.



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