how important is preload

  1. Question how important is preload

    So Im going to be running my second cycle. Cyp at 600/wk. for 12 weeks. How many people preload with an oral Dbol, ect. If you do. How much of a differance do you feel it makes?

  2. also curious about this as I only ran prop (so didn't really need a preload since it kicks in within a week STRONG).

    I'm thinking about Dbol 40mg ED split into 20mg doses.

  3. More people like being "on" quicker and seeing more gains.
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  4. For my first cycle (that I just started), I'm just using Test E with a frontload. In future cycles, I will probably throw in an oral kickstart like T-bol.
    Are you frontloading the test, or just running it at 600mg?

  5. Its certainly going to make a difference if you use an oral at the beginning. With cyp, you are very realistically looking at 4 weeks before you truly get rolling. By using an oral for those 4 weeks, you've basically taken advantage of that time frame.

    I personally follow the belief that you add in chemicals for a particular reason....if that fits your "needs", then add something in for a kickstart. If it doesnt, then just be patient, and let the test do its job.




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