Flying with Gear

  1. Flying with Gear

    I am having a hard time planning a cycle because of my work schedule. There isn't a 10 week block where I don't have to fly for business (trying to plan a 10-12 weeker).

    Anyone here ever fly with their gear? If so, how do you handle security? Seems like risky business........


  2. If you don't check bags your best bet is likely to buy a bottle of insulin, even if you dont use it, predraw your syringes with your normal gear, put them in the nice little diabetic syringe holder with ice packs, and when you get near security let them know you are diabetic and have your medications with you.

    Otherwise just check it, and they never look at it, they only run them through the bomb scanners.

  3. I don't mind checking. I would actually prefer it. My checked bag was searched last week. My TSA approved lock was missing, and I had a note saying they searched my bag. From the appearance of my belongings, they were thorough. Given it was an international flight....

    Do they only run them through bomb scanners? I always thought they ran them through x-rays. Domestic flight luggage is never checked?


  4. depends on airport and other details. mine haven't been run thru x-ray before. I'd still set it up exactly the same way as I outlined above for putting it in checked bag though. They won't take the time to run tests on it if theres a bottle of insulin there Their primary concern is safety anyhow. in theory.

  5. Thanks for the replies. I dont have access to insulin, so that's not a viable option.


  6. Well, not sure what state you are in, but in many it is treated as an OTC product - no scrip necessary. Humulin-R in particular is in most states.

    Even without the insulin bottle though, you can put preloaded syringes in one of the containers, and hope for the best

  7. i would definitely be careful and intricate with your planning in this situation. the only reason i say this is due to the fact that you mentioned that even your checked bag was searched last week. you stated that this was an international flight so it is understandable. HOWEVER my concern with this comes from the fact that i just returned from Las Vegas, and on my return flight from Vegas to Ft. Lauderdale, FL my bag was also opened and thoroughly searched by TSA. keep in mind that this was NOT an international flight, but rather a domestic national flight. just some information i thought i would relay to you. good luck with whatever method you decide to use...

  8. how long are these work trips your going on???? couldnt you just run a long esther like cypionate and say you have to do your pins for one week all together or be a couple days late once or twice during the cycle its not going to be that big of a deal....

  9. They are anywhere from 1-2 weeks long. I have been looking at my calendar, and I have a 9 week opening. If I am wanting to do a trenadrol kickstart/test-e only cycle, think 9 weeks would work? Not ideal, but I'm thinking it will have to do. Not really feeling the flying with gear scenario.


  10. how about a 9 week test prop/tren ace

  11. ^^^^im with easy just run a shorter cycle.....

  12. There is absolutely NO WAY I would fly with gear....I would either miss a scheduled inject (which in your case doesnt sound feasible), or simply run an alternative cycle, which looks like would be very simple for you....


  13. I'd feel much safer mailing myself the gear at the destination than flying with it. That is a no-go especially these days. Don't risk jail time bro.

    The USPS though is a cluster-**** and if you pack it right (maybe in insulin bottles - good idea btw!) you should be aight. They need a warrant to open up domestic mail if its first class.

  14. All good input. I will weigh my options and go from there....but I have def. eliminated flying with gear.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed. Just reinforced why I frequent this board.


  15. I have mailed mine. Just make sure you pack it right so it wont leak or anything.

  16. maybe pin eq or deca just before you leave? half life is 14 days isnt it? and pack some orals for the time you are out?

  17. if there is no metal on the vials.. double up your underwear and put it under your balls... iv done this with quite a few things.. many that would get me years more then getting caught with a vial of test.... we are talking stuff that dogs can smell and i would prob get intent if caught

    whatever anyone tells you.. keep it on your person.. do not put it in any bags.. u have no control over it when its off you.. at least with it on you.. and u feel the heat and u dont think u can get away with it.. u dump it in the garbabe.. plus i wouldnt bring more then a few mL in the vial.. whatever you need bring with you.. so if u decide to dump it you lose 2-3 mLs at most

  18. there is always the insertion technique....

  19. Quote Originally Posted by repmks View Post
    there is always the insertion technique....
    the vial or the syringe? LOL

  20. ^^^^^^both!

  21. better hope the cap does not come off

  22. oh dood....that would be the bset way to get that shiz in your bloodstream! great idea!

  23. mail it


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