AA's and Sports

  1. AA's and Sports

    Ok, so I know what a performance enhancing drugs cycle looks like for a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, and a strongman, but what does an athlete's ped's look like?

    Atheletes generally have no need getting as big as possible, say you are a swimmer, going on a 500mg-1.5g test/week will most probably hurt your times, or maybe you are a wrestler and you don't want to jump weightclasses, well, what are these guys going to use?

    Low test doses 250-400mg, coupled with dry compounds such as tren, masteron, winny depot, or EQ? Basically, what a cutting cycle would look like minus the clen, and thyroid hormone.

    So for those of you, who have any idea on how athletes do it, share the knowledge. I am talking AA's here, not gh, or peptides.

    I heard once, about Ian Thorpe (Olympic Gold medalist swimmer) doing Pregnyl/hcg cycles, how would the guy go about that, without desensitizing his nuts to LH?

  2. look up the mitchell report dood! lol

  3. Sprinters are commonly caught with deca or winny in their blood tests.

    Halo is used in powerlifting to keep weight class and increase strength.

    A lot of it has to do with diet and training. You can lean down easily with diet and 600mg of test per week.

    As far as HCG you can run low doses and not get desensitization. Dr Crisler advocates no more than 500iu per inject. I have run similar protocols for years.
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  4. yeah....winny/masteron/equipoise/tren/test prop/superdrol/epistane....try to keep it lean mass thats mostly added with little bloat...so that way all of what you gain is usuable mass with fantastic strength increases....works out well...not that i know or anything...

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