soreness on aas

  1. soreness on aas

    been on for a while now... got a couple weeks left and suddenly i've been getting sore. early on in the cycle i wasn't getting sore at all and now i feel like i'm not on anything. what's the reasoning behind this? side note* also not gaining anymore weight... i'm happy with how much i've gained but feel like i should still be gaining. it's not from a lack of calories

  2. what are you running????....i find this happens after about 8-10 weeks...i usually will pyrimid up in dosing to keep gains going throughout the cycle...

  3. been running test and wasn't making that great of gains... so i added some tren ace at 100mg every other day. been running the tren for about 5 weeks now. possibly i've just been on too long? i've been on the test for about 10 weeks now.

  4. how much test were you running? how long were you running it before you decided to add tren? and maybe your test was bunk.

  5. initially the test i was running was bunk but i got some good test and i'm running close to a gram a week now... and have been for about 7-8 weeks

  6. Sounds like your body's telling you enough already, needs a break. It happens to alot of people. When gains get eclipsed by sides it's time to come off imho.

  7. ya doing my last pin on friday...

  8. If I start getting too sore I relook at my diet, training and recovery. Increasing protein can help as well as training a bodypart at least once per week. Throw in some glutamine post work out and make sure you are getting plenty of sleep.
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  9. pain tolerance has to do with cortisol

    AAS blocks out cortisol, your body can either raise cortisol to combat or flat out zapped out

    so either its too high or too low cortisol, ****s too complicated, and you need a balance to have a growth, if you plateau then i agree with others, time to come off.

    incrase the dose you may grow but run into more sides, your choice, who knows it could be one of those weird funk, maybe it will go away next week, something to think about.


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