Having children

  1. Having children

    Im not expecting just incase you thought i may be by the name of the thread.

    I want to make this a poll however i have no idea how, so i will ask it like this.

    While on anabolics (test, eq, deca, ect) and you conceived did you end up having a:


    from most of the people i have spoke to has had girls, i just want to try and take a survey/poll on how many people had girls as opposed to boys while "on"


  2. give me about 9 months and i'll let u know


  3. What was the general health of the children also?

  4. From everyone I heard they are healthy girls. No one I've spoke to has had boys. As I'm concerned about the health I don't think that's something anyones willing ti share. Just let us know girl or boy

  5. as young as this board is i dont think you will get a whole ton of responses here....but there was another thread like this a few months back and the general consensus was girls only while on....

  6. I think I had mentioned it in a thread but I wanted a thread dedicated to it. Maybe as a poll if I can figure out how to make it ine

  7. cant help ya on the poll...im clueless there as well

  8. What are the odds of getting a girl pregnant while on? I thought it was pretty much impossible, but I guess not.

  9. getting a girl preggers and having a boy is pretty much immpossible....unless its kimpossible...she can do ANYTHING....

  10. Yea it seems it possible. I hope more people chime in on the thread

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bubbachew View Post
    What are the odds of getting a girl pregnant while on? I thought it was pretty much impossible, but I guess not.
    never think that! I got my x wife pregnant while she was on the pill and I used a rubber. (we were dating at the time).
    What are the f'ing chances of that! I was not on gear but still you never know.


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