thought or advice on my upcoming cycle

  1. thought or advice on my upcoming cycle

    weeks 1-6 50mg d-bol every day
    weeks 1-7 tren e 300 mg/week
    weeks 1-10 sust 750 mg /week

    any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated. its my first cycle incorporating tren, so i am interested in what some experienced guys think about this cycle. thanks fellas

  2. go with tren ace...that way if you dont like the sides of tren you can just stop and not have to wait two weeks before it clears your system...

  3. i agree with mooch. but if u stick to tren-e then run it 10 weeks

  4. due to lack of product, i would have to lower weekly dosage of tren to 200 mg week. is that too low to still be effective?

  5. I simply dont like tren enanthate.....I would go with the acetate version, also...


  6. what problems are you encountering with enth? there seems to be a number of people against this version.


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