1. TrenA/TestP

    I've planned this cycle for a long time and have finally started it. I did a quick front load of day1 100/75 day2 150/50 day3 50/50 I could feel the stuff kick in day three so I dropped the dose a little. Now I will do 100/75 eod. I may switch to ed shots later in the cycle when i bump up the dose as i hear there's less sides. As soon as it hit me I could do everything 20 pds heavier and everything was way easier.
    support supps:
    CO Q-10-300mg
    Nettle Root-500mg
    Hawthorne berries-1,000-3,000mg
    Milk Thistle-1000mg
    0steo-bi-flex-4 caps a day
    Saw palmetto-1,500mg
    Extra chems:
    Letrozole-.5 ed
    Cabergoline-500mcg e3d
    2 bottles of toremefine-pct
    Tamofixen citrate- prob start this instead of letro as soon as i start cut tren and start to cycle off
    clenbuterol-2 weeks on 2 off
    ephedrine- 2 weeks on 2 off

    I will give updates of whats going on but nothing to in depth. I maxed out on close grip bench at 255 pre cycle. I eat 180-300 g's of protein a day (as much as I can) 60-100 fats and 100-300 carbs

  2. I have a lump about the size of a tennis ball on my left cheek but it still doesn't hurt to bad, no limps and is just more like stiff I've been using heat and massaging it, I was wondering if ice would be of any benefit. And on a side note for glutes I'm using a 1 inch 21 gauge as my needles aren't here yet, but it works fine and goes in way easy. The lump is way smaller on my right cheek but injected .5ml more in my left one. Anyway, they are going away but whats the fastest way to get rid of them.

  3. I would bump the letro back to every 3rd day,it can kill your libido. I also have less sides with tren injecting every day. Good luck on your cycle!

  4. The test i'm takeing kills any libido problems and I feel just as I always do, maybe a little increase in sex drive, with the test I should have no problems. This sounds like an inexperienced user to be makeing comments about my libido as the tren will kill me before the letro would, not to mention the fact it's known if u have test, u don't get the sexual sides as bad and if anything an increase. I have already said by to my balls though I know they'll come back, worse side of steroids IMO.

  5. I've been on for 6 days. I've gained 10 pounds and today I put on an extra 20 pounds on each side of barbell curls and curled it like i did before i added the weight. This stuff is way powerful and I'm considering dropping doses, but I'll wait til week 2 to make any changes if i do

  6. 10lbs in 6 days = water

    did u prime before ur cycle? did u begin to eat more cals once on cycle?

  7. I upped my carbs or moreso added an extra 150g a day which puts me at about 250g. Should I bump up the letro or wait for my body to get used to the extra carbs, or is it just apart of the cycle and take it and keep going. Either way the incredible strength gain is sick. And I was cutting still from a cutting cycle of prohormones, I've been cutting for 5.5 months. lost 40 pds of bf, yes body fat, not muscle, Igot it tested. I've been off them for three months and training was harder and I probably lost ten pounds of muscle, but my plan was all out fat loss, and I knew it would be back like that as soon as i started this cycle.

  8. I decided to drop my carbs back down to a little under 100 as, why put on a bunch of weight like that when I'm cuttting for a comp in may. Test is my favorite drug it makes everything better. Best of all u don't want to put the weights down, u keep lifting and want to keep doing it as it's so much easier and u get the best natural high ever, not to mention test just makes u the alpha male over anyone, i swear people are way more afraid to start arguing with me on this stuff and I'm not even raging, just calm as usual. As soon as my right needeles come in I will inject 50/50 ed in a 6 site rotation. I have to use 21g 1in. needles for glutes and quads right now and it sucks, but i can put up with it. I also have 25g 5/8in needles for delts, could I use those for my quads or are they to short. BTW, delts are a great place to inject, def reccomend.


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