Do you get lower back pumps with injectables?

  1. Do you get lower back pumps with injectables?

    What the title says, you get back pumps like you do with designer stuff?

  2. no, at least i don't.

  3. lol i never got them with designer stuff.

  4. I hear ya. Designers always give you huge whole body pumps.That are good for arms not the back. All orals dbol anadrol superdrol pp give me back pumps. Listen when i finish the last 3 bottles of AX super and pp, i have im only using inject test.Yes im a convert.
    TEST IS BEST. You need nothing else just 600mg cypio wk. Orals=HBP,lipids,liver to much to worry about. Im 24 5'11 214 6%bf training 5yrs. Just what ive learned.
    O and dont use any clone product ever.EVER!!!!!!

  5. Yeah Trenbolone

  6. Tren can give some pretty wicked back pumps from what I hear..

  7. This definitely interested me because im on a cycle of dymethazine and i had such bad back pumps today i couldnt even hit legs. I even took 4 g of Taurine plus i drank water like a mad man today.



  9. How does test e compare to say superdrol with back pumps or any designer for that matter?

  10. I'm on my third day of trena/testp and my back already had a small one. By the way this ****s amazing after three days I'm noticeably stronger and bigger, def my new fav stack


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