1. toxicity?

    There is alot of info on toxicity of Ph's and a lot of info on toxicity of old school hormones, but i never heard any research comparing the two. How would an s-drol clone compare in terms of toxicity to, say d-bol?

  2. I'm betting the S-Drol is worse.

  3. yes...the super is gonna be more toxic than dbol....remember...super was first synthesized years ago and dicarded because of its wasnt until everything else was banned that this product was pulled back out of the hat by companies tryin to make a buck...

  4. thanks guys
    Ive wanted to try s-drol but heard way to much bad **** to even consider it.
    What if the s-drol was cycled for 3 weeks compared to 6 weeks of d-bol(both at moderate doses)? Do you still think the s-drol would be more toxic, worse on lipid profiles and organs, etc.?



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