Dbol dosage

  1. Dbol dosage

    Hey guys,

    I am doing 40mg dbol and just wanted to get ideas on dosage. I am already almost 1 week in to the cycle and am taking 20mg before my workout (4pm) and 20mg before bed (10pm) is this a good idea?

  2. i like mine first thing in the morning and every 4-5 hours after...2 or 3 doses a day. timing for preworkout doesn't matter with dbol

  3. spread dosages out evenly throughout the day
    take 20mg 1 hour pre-workout and the rest, spread them out at 10mg doses evenly.

  4. ok, thanks, that is what I planned to do

  5. Dbol is active for 4-6 hours. Split your doses up,20-10-10.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by eros62d View Post
    Dbol is active for 4-6 hours. Split your doses up,20-10-10.
    or even 10mg each 6 hours.

  7. I wouldn't split it more than once(20 and 20). I'll try and find some links where this was discussed before but it made some sense. The idea being that the liver doing it's job on 10mg or a smaller dose versus a larger dose is going to leave you with an overall smaller net in your bloodstream and peak levels don't get as high. Meaning that whether it's 10 or 40mgs, the same amount (relatively) is not going to survive that first pass in your liver. So for example let's just through 5mgs out there for the sake of discussion. You take 10mgs 4 times a day. Of that 10mgs, 5 is lost each time. So 20mgs gets in out of the 40. But if you take 40 at once and lose that 5, you're left with 35. These numbers are purely just an example for discussion, but you get the drift. My own personal experience after numerous runs with it is that I noticed no difference splitting it or taking it all at once, for what it's worth.

  8. It has been my experience that the difference between splitting doses and not splitting doses is so negligable that its not even worth the effort....and that doesnt even factor in the amount of people who forget to take the second dose.


  9. i will take those two previous statements into consideration...very soon!

  10. i took full dose, up to 30mg, pre workout and it worked great

  11. i actually am uppin it to 50mg and Im takin 20mg in morning, 20mg pre workout and 10mg before bed

  12. any1 thought of takin trisorbagen with this?
    i used tri with my sdrol and went from 225 to 241 lbs and maintained my abs btw im 21

  13. im in the middle of my dbol cycle and have been messing with timing and dosage,from what works best for me is 10,10,10,10 every 3.5 hours.

    I read that sometimes going high dosage the body cant use all of the drug and people have actually pissed out un metabolised dbol.

    but I have also tried every other way and it all seems so close I cant stay with one dosage plan,I keep changing it up,like on a work out day ill take 20mg an hour before,its funny with dbols,they kick in sometimes when you least expect them.

    I was going to just do cardio last night and I ended up lifting for an hour after cardio.this was supposed to be an easy day and i ended up having one of my best works on them.


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