Can the acne scars can be removed out???

  1. Can the acne scars can be removed out???

    I am 28 years old and have faced the problem of acne on my face 3 years back. Now the problem is that the acnes have left the scars on my face which really looks bad. I want to get rid of them. Please tell me any possible ways to get them removed.

  2. Theres alot of scar reduction creams out there that you could try, but for acne scars you have to take them for a long time before you see any results. Althernatively you could get the cosmetic laser treaments done on it until its gone if you have the money.

  3. Well first off not to be a jerk but this is a nutrition forum, so i don't think you are going to find many answers here about this. Anywho scars aren't easy to get rid of but most will tell you to use cocoa butter which may help. Other than that you can probably spend a sh!t load on creams that promise to clear them away but they're usually bogus and obviously a waste of money. There are laser treatments to consider, they may cost you a couple benjamins per treatment and you will probably need multiple treatments. The fact that you probably joined this website to ask this question (since you joined this month and have this one post) makes me wonder why I am even wasting my time trying to help you out, but for what it is worth don't worry about it. You are young and a bit self-conscious, not to worry, depending on the severity they will probably fade with time.

  4. I wouldn't try those cremes, but thats just me. I used to have horrible acne problems and i went to a dermatologist and prescribed me medication that took care of everything. Im sure if you went to a dermatologist they can get rid of the scars somehow, but until then use some cover up to make them less noticeable. let me know how everything goes.

  5. Acne scars come in many different forms (pitting, discoloration, etc.) and the most successful treatments are usually provided by a dermatologist (if the scarring is significant). The creams are really best for minor scarring. My advice is to consult with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. They can help but as others have mentioned it will cost a somewhat significant amount of money. Good luck!




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