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  1. white potatoes

    Alot of bodybuilders diets include white potatoes at varying times during the day, Im going to be going on a bulk soon and I was wondering how healthy/beneficial white potatoes can be in a bulking diet. I know the GI of white potatoes is high, some types digest almost as fast as sugar, but there must be some reason these guys are eating these over sweet potatoes. I could see them being helpful post workout, but most of the diets I have seen them in they are not used at that time.

  2. IMO its not a question of either or, incorporate both into your diet to create variety of both taste and nutrients. A lot of people are quick to discard white potatoes as unhealthy, high gi, and so on. White potatoes aren't just a source of complex carbohydrates, but are rich in numerous vitamins and minerals. Eat on playa, and thats not just post workout if you want.

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