need diet help

  1. need diet help

    hey guys
    im 23yo 127lbs just starting on 5x5 workout and trying to figure out my diet plan, but im not sure what would be ideal for my current weight and for my plans of gaining as much muscle as possible in the next 3mo. i will be doing the workout mwf in the early evening(between 530-8).
    when should i have my meals and how many? and when should and how much should i drink protien shakes (i bought some syntha6? should i get somehting else?) and im thinking about introducing creatine a couple weeks into the program so when and how much should i take per day (im thinking creapure)?
    also if there is a good resource to answer my questions please point me in that direction thanks

  2. As far as supps go, you'll make great gains without these anyways seeing as your just starting it seems, but creatine, BCAA's, Glutamine. Diet wise just go to the bulking section and search diet and you'll find tons of stuff. But generally you want to keep your Macronutrients at about 40/40/20. So 40 percent of your diet is protein, 40% carbs, 20% Fat. Mine was at 25/50/25 but my body is.... out there haha. Start off with 40/40/20 and see how your body reacts to things. Good luck bro.

  3. How tall are you?

    Need to calculate your BMR and maintenance calories, then worry about macronutrient breakdowns.

    I think for someone whos not used to strict dieting a 40/40/20 is difficult.

    Shoot for 35/35/30... at your size and metabolism(presumed) you should be fine with a little extra fat in your diet.

    I suggest your write down everything you eat/drink for 5 days and calculate a daily total of protein/carbs/fats/sugars so you get an idea of where you stand and then adjust accordingly to meet your goal, then log it another 5 days or so. At your size you're probably wanting to shoot for 3,000 calories... if you log your diet long enough you'll "feel" what eating that calorie load is like and eventually you wont need to count everything.

  4. thnx for the responses
    im 67inches so my daily breakeven was like 2350cal so im shooting for 3000.
    im thinking big breakfast 7AM,
    snack halfway before lunch 10AM,
    lunch 1230PM,
    snack halfway before dinner 330PM,
    shake preworkout 6PM,
    dinner at 730PM,
    shake before bed

    how does that sound?
    also im doing the 5x5 mwf so on the rest days should i do the same thing except maybe cut out the preworkout shake and keep the before bed shake???
    also i got the syntha6 the guy at the store told me that for someone with high metabolism like me whey isolate is not as good as the longer release mix??

    should i wait a few months before using creatine or should i start a few weeks into my workout?

    thanx guys much appreciated

  5. one more thing
    i keep reading that people take after workout shake as well, should i do that as well?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by shlomo View Post
    one more thing
    i keep reading that people take after workout shake as well, should i do that as well?
    It is always a good idea to consume a whey protein shake after a workout, especially if you are tight on time and money for food. Most usually have a shake immidiately after workout, then about a hour or so after, have a solid meal consisting of whole foods such as lean meats, complex carbs, fruits and veggies. If you are looking to bulk add a tablespoon or two of extra virgin olive oil when preparing your food. Adds extra calories and healthy fats. Don't be afraid to eat if you want to pack on some muscle.

  7. thnx for the tips


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