I want to have my diet tweaked just right as I progress with weight gain and supplements. This is MASS Cycle. I can tolerate SOME fat.

I plan to keep calories increased at about 1k+ in addition to maintenance during the duration of the cycle, PCT would be followed by about a 500 calorie surplus added to the maintenance.

Heres the basic outline.

Test E @ 500mg
Week 1-12

Mdrol @ 10/20/20
Week 1-3

Epi @ 40mg
Week 9-14

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Some believe Mdrol to be a glycogen deplete'R. Im not necessarily sold on the idea, BUT in case it really is. I was thinking...

Week 1-3
110g-120g Fat
450g Carb
400g Protein

Week 4-14
110-120g Fat
400g Carb
450g Protein

Im curious if there are any recommendations for dieting wise.

Ive been considering what I'll be consuming.
Mass Shakes. (AM)
WPI Shakes. (post-pre wo)
Casein Shakes.(before bed)
Steak.3x a week
Low Fat Milk

BUT OF course, I wont be afraid to eat out either. It will be limited, but my gf is moving away, so i'll be with the guys more, and more and well we do grub late night sometimes. Plus school will leave me with late nights studying and who wants to go defrost+cook+clean late at night. As long as the protein requirement is accomplished, then fast food is all game.
My meals are going to have to be around 750 calories, I may cut them down and throw in 6 meals(500ea) with 5-6 snacks(250ea).

All of the food above will be thrown in with some type of carb(tortilla, bread, rice, pasta)
condiments. (ketchup,**,BBQ, mayo, honey mustard etc)

Any one throw out some good idea on good Mass shakes? Shakes perfect for After workouts with quick acting Carbs? and For Bedtime Slow digesting protein shakes.(casein)