calories counting strategies

  1. calories counting strategies

    I need some help on this department I've been able to count my water and protein consumption but not my overall calories intake for the day.

    Tell me what strategies you've used that are easy to implement.


  2. prepare meals in advance and mearsure everything obviously and stick to a eating schedule as best as you can. keeping things simple works for me and i dislike veggys so, ex. eating a portioned meal of 500 cals of steak and rice with carrots and broccoli 4 times a day is easily tracked. if you eat the same crap all the time you can just look at it and guess the cals. shakes are just the icing on my cake. all of this coming from a guy that is not dieting right now..

  3. helped me track my calories and learn what foods contain how much of each macro. Then do as raginf said, be boring and eat the same stuff all the time. Works for me.

  4. during the week my diet is pretty much controlled and consistent some would call it boring, I eat five to six times a day and measure everything on the weekends it all falls a part my eating is not so controlled.

    during the week I have a chance but how do you track your calories intake? do you keep a note book w/u and add to it thought the day? take mental notes and add later? what works best?

  5. well EVERY moring i have the SAME shake and usually the same breakfast so i always know. if you are trying to convey that you are going out alot and it is not convient to prepare your meals just look into the resturants menues that you go to alot if possible and start remembering what is in your food items of choice. once again i am boring so when i go out i know whats in my steak and potatos or chicken and rice...i just have it programed in. other than that write what you eat down and get over your mental hurdel and just make sure you are getting enough but never to little. if you are having this problem it seems that your diet is not that strict and i personally wouldn't worry about it, but if you are trying to tighten up you need to kick yourself in the ass and be that guy with a lunchbox!

  6. I eat the same things over and over again.

  7. i just use a notebook and i have pretty much the same thing every week. i usually throw in some extra veggies or fruit for good measure and to keep me full, but adding it all up as i go through my day lets me know where i am and where i need to be. especially after a couple of weeks with total honesty and numbers in the notebook, you can see what's working and what isn't and make improvements. and just using a regular notebook isn't very overwhelming. you can decide how to keep track of everything and make it very simple for yourself. try to make a list of all the food you usually eat that are healthy and clean and keep it in the notebook. i've found that having that to refer to always helps so you're not guessing and ending up way off.

  8. you dont have to be boring. but prepping your meals before the next day is a great idea. i always prep and marinate my food for the next day. i just dont really weigh it. and writing everything down helps alot too. good for mental edge also


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