food poison

  1. food poison

    any ideas?? supps,articles,grandma's old cure...i was told to drink whole milk or buttermilk until you can keep it down. suppose to force the poison out of the body.

  2. As far as over-the-counter, I'm not sure. Fluids (water)?

    If you can, I would go to an urgent care or doc's office (if you can get in quick). They can give you a shot of phenergen (sp?) and it will take care of it (and help you sleep).

    I've had food poisoning twice, both times I was throwing up every 10-15 minutes and then dry heaving. It was horrible.

    Also, for future purposes, see if they will write you a script for phenergan in pill form for future/possible food poisioning. Save you a trip to the docs and money.

  3. thanks alot for the info

  4. Its called gastroenteritis (wikipedia?). Gastroenteritis is characterized by periods of stomach pain, fever, dirrarhea, and/or vomitting. Although, it is a usually a viral infection, it can be bacterial. Viral infections cannot be treatment with common antibiotics, so it must run its course. Viruses tend to subside within 2-3 days. My personal experiences lead me to believe you will feel better by tomorrow. Drink ginger ale to help relieve the stomach acid and take an anti-inflammatory drug for the pain. Good luck man.

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