Interesting Prices of Food

  1. Exclamation Interesting Prices of Food

    I was bored, and computing costs of different various proteins, ONLY LEAN, and I figured you guys would like to look at this.

    $25.00 Of Food- Primarily protein w/o TAX

    3-4lbs of Bonless Chicken Breast
    50z x 7 BCB's
    3lbs 50z
    $7.50 a package 7x43g = 301
    ~3 x 301 because of Tax = 903g of protein
    for 25.00$

    180eggs/18egg.per carton = 10 cartonsx 2.5 = $25.00
    180 x 6 = 1080g of protein

    2.2lbs of whey protein ->1scoop
    33 servings x 24g which some r less = 792
    33 x 20g = 660

    65 cents a can with Tuna sometimes specials
    25/.65 =

    38 x 33gprotein = 1254

    Not INCLUDING TAX But even still pretty interesting Showing that Whey you get the less of the protein yet you're paying more.

    If you can bare the mass amount of eggs lol I'd do it, I plan to :P (Insert Heart attack in 8weeks)

  2. Nice thought there. I stopped using whey as much as I used to, and opted for whole foods myself. One thing to consider in this thought process is that whey protein is more beneficial for Post Workout, as it has a higher Biological Value (higher amino concentration) than other proteins and is absorbed much quicker, both optimal for muscle recovery/building. To be honest, the only time I use my whey is PWO.

    I like the "whey" you're thinking, though.

  3. Haha Funny Joke, and Ya That i do agree with And Whey has some other Beneficial things, Like Immune System boosting and Anti-Cancer properties. But Im goto Dominicks today and buy like 100 Eggs lol

  4. I used to use whey alot more, but now I only throw some in my morning porridge, and some PWO only because I've got tons of it. It's a convenience thing, but I really prefer whole foods.

    Eggs are awesome, I make some pretty massive omelets. I used to buy Omega -3 eggs, then I realized buying XL eggs from costco + NP Bulk Fishoil's was like 33% cheaper for me!

  5. Really costco is that much cheaper? I might have to trade in Dominicks ha

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MattRoeske View Post
    Really costco is that much cheaper? I might have to trade in Dominicks ha
    Up here in Canada it is, but I know in the US it's most consumerist and it might be different.

  7. Hahah Good Ole America... It's redic how supermarkets are setup to Basically "Kill" their consumers with their food products lol


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