1. oats?

    Do not know if this goes her but do blended oats and hole oats(oatmeal)digest at the same speed? Does one spike insulin more? Thanks

  2. Blended oats digest faster than whole oats. They have a higher glycemic index.

    Quick oats digest faster than old fashioned oats.

  3. Wich one would be better for anabolic pump?

  4. Yeah well, oats and oat bran may have a fairly high GI rating, but they also have actives like Beta Glucan that lowers blood sugar. I've known a couple of people who've tested BG levels after eating oat bran in particular and their BG levels DROPPED from fasting levels after eating raw oat bran, and the effect lasted.

    It's not as simple as just GI, obviously. There are reasons why oats and oat bran are concidered somewhat anabolic.

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