Eating fish

  1. Eating fish

    I am completely into eating fish or seafood at every meal. I think the protein from fish is more bioavailable and is leaner compared to other sources. However I am still worried about the mercury content? Is this a good practice. Are there any people here doing more or less the same?

  2. Depends how much you eat really and if its like say all tuna or something. If its a huge variety of fish your eating it might not be so bad. I'm just guessing really, i'm also interested to see what other people say.

  3. White fish is awesome. I love it. However, I prefer to get my protein from a wide variety of sources, Meat, Fish, Fowl, Dairy, etc.

  4. Eat chunk light instead of chunk white for tuna and, whenever possible, try to eat wild as opposed to farm-raised. Certain types of fishes (e.g. swordfish) have much higher mercury content within them.

    That being said, if you are really concerned about the mercury content, then I would suggest a more modest approach to eating seafood. Instead of eating it at every meal, eat some other source of animal protein for 2-3 meals. This will not only diversify your AA consumption, but it will be a little easier on the wallet as well.
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  5. Most of the days I eat salmon and white tuna. I eat about 6 oz twice a day. Sometimes I also go with shrimp and scallops.

  6. You couldn't pay me to eat fish.

    fish oil caps ftw!!!!
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  7. i usually eat 2 meals of fish

    1 of canned tuna


    1 of orange roughy/just white fish.

    it is an excellent source of protein if you're watching the calories but looking for protein instead of taking shakes.


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