To make a long story short....i was 190 before i started boxing in september of 07 with about 20(ish)% bf. my coach natuarly demanded i should lose weight. i cut down to a strict diet....complex carbs lean meat and what not. lost weight and got down to 155 in id say....5 months. i won my first fight dizzy and exhausted...i swear it took two weeks for me to feel somewhat normal. i got off the couch about 2 weeks before my next fight and got beyond lightheaded. went and fought at the same weight and lost. so i figured i gain my weight back in lean muscle to feel better. so here i am now....168 7% bf and i want to get to 180 before i go back and pursue boxing. if anyone wants to help me out with my diet.

As of now i eat the same thing everyday...well 90% of the time.

(8:00 am)
1 cup oatmeal with 1 serving of raisins with skim milk
2 wheat bread toast with natural sugars
low fat activia
eas protein
w/ multivitamin and just started anabolic pump...creatine
(9:30 am)
hit the gym...heavier weight and cardio on every third day

2 scps On whey protein shake(skim milk) with bannana and maybe 2 strawberrys

2 cans of tuna

same shake(water) no added fruit

6 oz chicken breast and 12 shrimp/better n eggs (to switch it up) maybe fat free cheese with i cant believe its not butter(baked). Spinach, carrots, brocolli...

(10:30) 1 serving of either peanuts or peanut butter and casein protein.

just making sure i have this right. any advice is cool.
as u can tell i cut my carbs pretty early. i drive a forklift at work and really dont move much....just for the record