Have any of you read “Harmonic Wealth” by James Ray? I’ve been to a free seminar that he offered in my hometown and bought his book at Barnes and Noble. It’s great! The book is not just about money (although he covers that.) There is actually a whole section on the physical body and he offers up some great ideas that have worked for me.

One of those is starting off the day with a glass of water with lemon and then making my first meal a green shake. Yep, veggies for breakfast. Still doesn’t hit the spot like a pile of pancakes, but I’ve lost seven pounds in the last month and a half and my skin is looking a lot brighter and clearer. There is a recipe for the green drink in the “Harmonic Wealth” book that James’s anti-aging doctor prescribed to him on Page 246. Good luck and God bless!

Here’s the link: harmonicwealth.com/read