Help! Can't eat dairy and whey!

  1. Help! Can't eat dairy and whey!

    Hi guys

    I was recently put on a strict diet from my Doctor to avoid dairy products, including dairy protein. That means no Whey and Casein! I'm trying to work with this, but it means I really need to find some solid alternatives for my workout shakes and meals. Anyone have ideas for me?

  2. chicken, beef, tuna, eggs, egg whites, oats, brown rice, broccoli, olive oil, peanut butter, the list is very long.

    Honestly you don't need powders at all, they are mostly for convenience. Whole foods will treat you well including post workout.

  3. Egg protein is your best powder option. That with 5g of leucine would be a good post-WO option.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Just be sure to eat enough that you are getting your daily reqs. Everything above is good advice. It's all about the food. Protein powders are just a convenience for guys like me who either dont have the time to cook, money to afford all the food, or if you are on the go. No worries, just keep a clean diet and keep track of what you eat. From there you should have no problem with your protein reqs. Chicken and Tuna!

    Why can't cant you ingest these all of a sudden?
    SFW and GFH

  5. I'm not a powder guy at all, but I realize the difference in a fast absorbing protein PWO vs eating a meal. I was hoping some advice as it relates to that.

  6. There will be little difference between a lean protein source and powdered whey (or you can go egg powder like Rodja suggested, that would be convenient and readily absorbed as well) as far as absorbption time (as far as protein synthesis vs breakdown is concerned in the pwo period).

    A lot of individuals use whole food sources pwo either way.

  7. u could always use soy protein powder and also the above mentioned egg protein powder along with some bcaas before and after workout and ud be fine.

  8. I have the same problem. I simply go with a lot of whole eggs and egg whites in my diet. I tried egg-based protein for years but just could never tolerate the taste of it (maybe there are some types now that don't taste too bad, but in the late 90s your options were limited). If you get tired of eggs, then soy is a good alternative. Some may tell you to avoid soy because of the isoflavones in it and their estrogen-like effects, but you would have to consume extreme amounts of soy to see estrogenic-like side effects.


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