going to fiji requesting help with diet please!

  1. going to fiji requesting help with diet please!

    hey guys, u all were real helpful with finding a soy-free protein, so thanks for that, and now i have another question...

    im going to fiji in 2 weeks and just gained alotta new mass, im up to 200 now and would like to maintan my stength and weight while im there. problem is, i wont have a proper gym so ill have to do my best with weightstacks that hotels offer, and as far as my diet, im allergic to alotta foods, so im trying to put together a plan that i can at least mantain my weight, or not drop below 190. i cant really eat out and i cant eat alotta hotel food, here are my allergies...

    - all nuts seeds including soy
    - most vegetables, and bananas
    - rye

    i also wont have access to a stove so i cant cook eggs.

    so far this is what i have planned

    - bring oatmeal to eat for breakfast, once midday, and before bed

    - bring olive oil to mix with powdered milk (reg milk if they have it) and protein for a high fat high protein shake ill have a couple times throughout the day

    - have a weight gainer that ill have before i go to bed, the weight gainer has soy lecithin in it so i might have an allergic reaction, but before bed it wont interfere too much with my next meal which would be breakfast

    i was thinking about making a sheaton of granola bars with oats, and cranberries or somthn that i could have with my 2 protein shake meals to add more cals. but ive never made them before and need to figure that out

    any ideas on what i could also do to help make sure i will be able to eat enough while there? any help is really appreciated.


  2. no ones got any ideas???

  3. My wife has incredibly extensive food allergies, and our last trip to Florida she did a few things and thought of doing a few things that might help out.

    1. Hot plates are very inexpensive and very transportable.
    2. Bring one smallish non-stick pan and one smallish pot for use on the hot plate.
    3. Egg whites are not refrigerated (at least I don't think they are until you open the container).
    3. Met-Rx pancake mix, beef jerkey.

    With the hot plat and pan and pot, you should be able to eat more than enough. You might have to pay a little for extra luggage weight/more than 1 checked bag, but you'll be eating well, and won't have to worry about your allergies.

    Have you looked on the internet for local markets where you'll be staying? They might very well have fowl you can cook up, as well as eggs. Go local, man!

    I envy you for making it there.

  4. You're on VACA... EAT everything you can... you will preserve... just have a little fat to lose when you return.. but will be WELL worth it. IT'S FIJI.

    The Historic PES Legend

  5. the hot plate is a good idea, i was considering that. we actually will be staying in an area that doesnt have eletricitity i found out for a couple weeks, hah, i get to visit this reculsive village area since my bro is in the peace core there and were visiting him. we may be able to aquire a mini propane hot plate type deal there tho.

    and Dadams, the point is i have alot of food allergies. i cant eat up,trust me, im far from worried about putting on fat. that would be a blessing as i would be getting enough cals to maintain my muscle.

  6. Yeah, seeing my wife suffer, I know she'd be more than happy to eat herself silly and add some fat. I'd be happy as heck if she could do that, too.

    Good luck in Fiji. Just remember about cross-contamination, and you should be fine (maybe go to target to look at some camping gear?)


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