OIL- What do you use? or know!

  1. Post OIL- What do you use? or know!

    I did alot of reading in the past few days and i wanted to see your guys take on Oil used for Cooking

    #1 and #2 Are Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    And all the others are supposedly terrible, Now i do have Canola oil in a can with Soybean lechtin or w/e it is.

    Is that as bad as the refined oils like corn oil, vegetable, oil etc?

  2. grapeseed oil is my favorite,

  3. 10w-30

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  4. any1 else?

  5. Enova(diacylglycerol oil).

    I don't really use it for cooking, but I do sub it in as a fat.

  6. I have been using coconut oil for a while now, makes everything taste great.

  7. Ya coconut oil is supposed to be the most beneficial of them all due to the all the anti oxidants and boosting of immune system. :P Im a try out coconut milk soon.

  8. EVOO and Macadamia Nut Oil Ive been taking with 3-AD. Use EVOO to cook with, MNO I havent.

  9. Coconut and olive...

    I found a place by my house that sells olive oil only (see how long they stay in business). They have all kinds of flavors infused into the oil as well as using different olives. The lemon stuff is the bomb for cooking fish, chicken, or in salads and shakes, I could drink it straight.


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