1. Snacking

    what are some foods that you eat throughout the day that are good snacks.

    Im working 11 hr days and sometimes slip up in my diet and eat some bad stuff at the job. what do you some of you guys or girls do in emergency situations?

  2. peanut butter is good to satisfy cravings

  3. Almonds are something I love to snack on. Dried fruit too. I started buying it for my 2 year old, but now I eat it all the time.

  4. beef jerky ftw

  5. sounds good... i like beef jerky but its just so pricey. thanks for the input.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by virileman44 View Post
    sounds good... i like beef jerky but its just so pricey. thanks for the input.
    Search the net and find out how to make your own in the oven. Problem solved.

  7. you make your own jerky?

  8. Not myself, but my uncle does it all the time. Better than anything made by the mainstream jerky brands.

    Heres just one link, but there are other ideas on cooking times and all that.

    Home cooked jerky

  9. thanks. just seasoned got done seasoning and its in the fridge now.

    hopefully its done before lunch tomorrow... good look!

  10. Nice. Let us know how it turns out. I think Ill pick everything up to make some next time Im at the store. Being a true bachelor, I only have the Worcestershire on hand.

  11. wasnt ready before i left for work this morning. got my roommate watching it.

    i pray he doesnt screw this up!

  12. Uh oh. Haha

  13. theres a ton of things you can bring to work to snack. Protein bars, a bag of nuts, piece of fruit. You could even make your own protein shake before work and bring it with you. Since you are there for so long you might want to even cook a meal the day before and put it in some tupperware to bring to work. Having a good meal can help productivity!

  14. Me?

    Slim Jim or a Slim Jim and cheese. It's the closest to beef jerky I can actually like to eat.

    Like man above, PB is good.

    Straight Croutons with a lil bit of dressing. Makes a good medically sound midnight snack. So does Oatmeal. I checked the nutrition facts and compared both, it's about even.

    Cheese. I'd recommend stuff outside of some kind of liquid cheese. Deli cut cheese is prolly one of the healthiest.

    Mutigrain or Whole Grain bread. I don't have to have a dairy product with it whole grains or Multigrain bread just tastes real good to me. I like mine toasted sometimes as well.

    Toasted bread sandwich. oohhh.. momma. Das good stuff.

    sweet tea. beats the crap out of a soda medically. Soda is about a step away from a sugary sludge. Tea has more water in it and less sugar. I also prefer iced tea so with real ice there is more water on top of that. Decaff is great you can have some at night as well.

    Wheat or multi-grain crackers. You can add some deli cheese with that and it would be good. Or PB.

    Salad. If I'm at home salad can be good.

    Fruit. Ohh yes the dried pineapple is supreme in my mind.

    Nutri-grain bars. I'd loose my mind if I couldn't have something sweet mixed into a snack bar. So the healthiest choice in my mind would be nutri-grain cuz it's at least supposed to have fruit in it, I think..

    I can be wrong but that's what I do. At least I try. I can fix it later and do better if I am wrong.


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