BC's wanna diet like Palumbo Log

  1. BC's wanna diet like Palumbo Log

    My meal plan will be followed as the common one that is posted throughout the web for a 200lb Man. The difference is, I will be adding in a additional 50g shake meal to help with hunger, as I know I will have this issue terribly.

    The problem with this diet at the moment is, I do not have the Whey shakes available to me. So, I will be using chicken/Tuna to meet the required nutritional requirements of the 50g Shake. I will be ordering from Trueprotein.com using a 50/50 split of a custom solution which is 50% Egg Whites and 50% Gemma Whey Isolate. It is 1g Fat 1g Carb 25g Protein.

    MEAL #1 5 whole eggs (OMEGA-3 EGGS ); add another 4 egg whites to this (5:30am)

    MEAL #2 SHAKE: 50g Whey/EGG with 1 1/2 tablespoon of All Natural Peanut butter (8:30am)

    MEAL #3 "Lean Protein Meal": 8oz chicken with 1/3-cup cashew nuts (almonds, or walnuts) (11:30am)

    MEAL #4 SHAKE: 50g Whey/EGG Protein with 1 1/2 tablespoons of All Natural Peanut butter (2:30pm)

    MEAL #5 "Fatty Protein Meal": 8oz Tilapia fish, or STEAK with a green salad (no tomatoes, peppers) with 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil or Macadamia nut oil and vinegar (5pm)

    MEAL #6 SHAKE: 50g Whey/EGG with 1 1/2 tablespoon all natural peanut butter or 4 whole (Omega-3) eggs and 4 extra whites (7:30pm)

    MEAL #7 SHAKE: 50g Whey/EGG (10pm)

    I will be using a form of ECA stack (homemade) from CVS
    I will consume 3x daily (5:30am, 11:00am, 4:00pm Sleep by 10)
    25mg Ephedrine Sulfate
    165mg Aspirin
    240mg Caffeine

    All session will be kept under 1 hour >(unless cardio is performed immediately after workout)

    Cardio on Lifting Days:

    Incline of 10+ with a fluctuation of speed varying between 3.5-4.5 mph every other minute. In a walking HIIT fashion

    Dedicated Cardio Days: 25 minutes of incline walking.
    Incline of 10+ with a fluctuation of speed varying between 3.5-4.5 mph every other minute - 20 minutes of HARDCORE HIIT

    Chest/Bi/15min incline walk
    Legs/Abs/15min incline walk
    Dedicated Cardio
    Back/Calves/15min incline walk
    Shoulder/Tri/15min incline walk
    Dedicated Cardio

    Training method will be a 5x5 program. Lifting Heavy as I can that day for the scheduled body part, with gradual weight increases. Tempo 1:1:2

  2. to save even more muscle. Ideally you want to start at 15minutes cardio and go up every session 10-15 minutes topping off at 45-60min.

    This diet will work great by itself, i know your not doing a show and not worried about to much muscle loss.
    I would say save the ECA stuff for mid diet or later on and not worry about it at first to see how you handle that first.

    Good luck.
    I plan to run something like this when i begin my cut also.

  3. Well,I already have been running.

    I just need to lose the BF brada! ahhhhh!
    I have gear all around me, but I WILL NOT LET MYSELF inject it till I cut it . Imma need a band-aid.

    thanks for the support too. Im gonna do it.

    Today is the last day before the diet. Imma chill tonight, each some carb loaded food, etc. I have Mondays off. :]

  4. Day 1

    Alright, I saw I had still fruit left over from the fruit bowl last night.

    It was Mango. I'm not gonna let that get wasted or let someone else have it. So I ate the equivalence to about 1.5 mango's. I'm done eating anything else besides what is on the diet.

    Other then that, I made 5 OMEGA-3 Eggs w/ yolk then in addition 1/2 cup egg whites(regular eggs) No salt/ forgot pepper but who cares. Diets aren't pleasant.

    I'm going to take my ECA right now about 45-60 minutes before the gym, then go workout.
    Its Chest/Bi/Incline walking.

    I'll come home and take my protein shake w/ 1.5 tablespoons of PB.

    Then continue the eating regimen as listed on the first initial post.

    Meal #7 will definitely not happen today.

    Why is L.e.a.n.b.u.l.k.c.o.m. blocked? whack? I think we're all working out here. Nothing is wrong with it.

  5. Still Day 1:

    Went to the store picked up 2 Kraft Italian dressings(1 Tuscan Italian,1 reg. Italian). One 6g of fat the other 13g of fat. I had a tbsp of each.

    I crushed up the cashews, threw in some like cheese that came with the salad like a Parmesan or something, VERY thin sliced and threw in 10oz of chicken breast. I make that **** juicy so I think I had about 2oz of water in there. BUT IT WAS ****ING BOMB, SERIOUSLY. ITS REALLY TASTY.

    Also, I FELT YOLKED AS HELL AT THE GYM. Definitely got eye ****ed by a few mommies. What can I say, im a cutie.

    The ECA is definitely curving the appetite. I like it. I dont feel exhausted

    My #'s have significantly gone down though, but its cool, it'll get back up there.

    I'm sticking to a 5 set routine 10,8,6,6,6

    Anyone want to comment on the importance of decline? I really don't care for it nor feel anything from it.

    Burned 225 cals on the treadmill walking for 15min with incline @ 15.0 3.5mph - 4.5mph

  6. Nice setup man... Many say the Palumbo diet works great so best of luck to you. What is your total calorie intake at and how much fat are you trying to cut?

  7. If I could cut 10-15lbs. I'd have to say I'd be at a 6'er in no time, then I would use my gear.

    I'm consuming exactly what the diet calls for. I know its around 2000-2250. Meal #7 isn't really gonna happen at all. Unless I pull a EXTRA long day.

    I use salad dressing for my salad. I use 1/2 serving from the 6g of fat. then 1/2 serving from the 13g of fat. So about 10g of fat from the salad dressing.

    If you're gonna do it, crush the cashews up with the salad, then slice your fish/chicken and lay it on top. Its really bomb.

    Diets doing well already at 5/6 of a gallon plus my workout now which will probably me .5 gallons+




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