Lurker Needs Diet Advice

  1. Lurker Needs Diet Advice

    Hey guys I have been lurking for a little while and I been serious about weight training for about 2yrs now. I was a swimmer in college so i have always been very tall (6'8")and lean but over the past 2 yrs i have gone from 240lbs to 265lbs and I'm sitting at about 15% body fat. My goal is to be a lean 275lb.

    I work out at 5:30am

    -pre workout- 2 scoops ON Protein shake 40grams
    -Sizeon during workout
    -breakfast-6 to 8 egg whites and a bowl of granola or wheat toast and pb

    11:00- protein bar 30gs
    1:00- chicken breast or turkey sandwich on wheat,cheese stick,yogurt,peanuts.
    3:00-another chicken breast or a chicken/turkey in a can
    6:00 prtoein shake 40gs
    8:00 steak, haddock, or lean burgers with brown rice,peas or corn
    10:00- protein shake 40gs

    1 to 2 gallons of water a day. Last i checked this was giving me about 3500+cals. I also take 6gs of fish oil and a centrum everyday.

    I am trying to put on lean mass and loss some fat over the abs. Any suggestions on my diet or things i need to change. I plan to start light cardio 3 times a week for 20mins at medium intensity(fasted cardio) post workout.


  2. anybody? Help a brother out....

  3. Maybe more carbs earlier in the day, whats your split look like? I try to stay away from carbs before I sleep even though I am very lean it helps keep away those extra 1 or 2 pesky pounds... so I eat fruit and salad before bed, maybe those carbs you eat at 8 could be moved earlier in the day like at the 3 meal along wit a lil more carbs around 11 and add salad and fruit at 8? i'm not sure it looks pretty clean over all though..

  4. todays totals


    seems like alot of food for only 3000 cals to i need more cals and maybe a little less protein?
  5. Exclamation

    I'm here to help ya because i'm on my journey to 7% BF.

    Try to follow a 60% P/40% C/40% Fats

    My diet, uses a lot of lean protein like

    As for fat's Flaxseed oil/Olive oil/Canola Oil Anything monosatured to help burn fat as well as raise Testerone.

    For carbs, Complex carb's Brown rice/whole grain oats/potatoes

    Fiber + Add cinnamon to everything cheapest 4g in the world

    And lastly lots of green leafy foods, as well as fruits.

    Multivitamin helps alot, for anything you are lacking,
    As well as a Magnesium&Zinc building blocks of your body.

    Magnesium supports your adrenal glands which affect your hormones, and Zinc supports your overall growth,immune system, and many other functions. I'm not a big man on supp's because Like every else did back in the 1800's and 1900's was based on ALL Natural diets.

    Also are you using Natural Peanut butter? Because i sure hope so. Jif/Skippy/All that garbage contains hydrogenated Oil, And whats interesting bout that sucker, is the fact that they put that in TWINKYS to make them last forever ironic huh?

    Try to incorporate 5-7 meals a day. With 30g of protein in about each meal. Also add fruits + vegetables, the building blocks of your diet. You can have all the protein in the world, but without crucial vitamins and minerals you go nowhere. You also need about 1.5g's of protein per pound of bodyweight so your weight is 265 x 1.5g = 397. So you're looking fine on that.

    As for cardio, Best i've learned to burn fat is to do Right in the morning on an empty stomach with 16-24oz of water in order to burn fat/ or Right after a workout. In my opinion i lift 1 on 2 off, So i do generally my cardio on my off days, to keep the metabolism going 24/7 because your metabolism continues 24-36hrs after working out.

    Any other questions Feel Free/
    Also check the diet if you want to look at anything.

    Revised Diet Please Critique

  6. Thanks Matt,

    I'll have to junk the Jif PB I had no idea there was a difference. Thanks for the tips. I do need to get some fruit or veggies in the mix but its hard because I'm not crazy about them.

  7. Ya... Lol, Not of alot of people realize, I didnt know alot till about a few months ago when i started researching everything, It's amazing the things you can learn when you and study the information, Try doing the mushroom things and add them to everything, i cook them in a pan and add them to everything and throw some chili powder on them and they soak up any flavor you put on them and turn out amazing.


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