Strange pain/pressure in my chest...

  1. Strange pain/pressure in my chest...

    The last 2 days iv had this weird pressure in my chest, if i take deeper breaths, it goes away slightly but then comes right was really annoying me last night so i had 2 glasses of wine which took my mind off the feeling and helped. Iv never really had anything like this before and im curious if anyone has any thoughts? Nothing in my diet has changed, i may have alittle bit more added stress with work but im not sure if stress can cause this...

    any thoughts?


    btw im 24yrs old, great diet, lift 4-5times a week...

  2. See your physician.

    Now my thoughts:
    Maybe heart burn
    maybe a strained intercostal muscle

  3. I second that - those were the 2 that came to my mind too.

  4. ...funny you mention heart burn, a week ago i basically ate all day long and it gave me acid reflux, the pain went away a few days later...maybe they are related. I dont usually have heart burn or acid reflux so its kind of new to me and its hard to pinpoint the pain

  5. *i forgot to mention i had a physical and ekg done a month ago and everything was good*

  6. Quote Originally Posted by size View Post
    See your physician.

    Now my thoughts:
    Maybe heart burn
    maybe a strained intercostal muscle

    Thanks for the suggestion about the strained muscle! i didn't think it was but i said **** it worth a try so i just started to massage the **** out of my super sore chest and the pain has subsided, def feels allot better, its not totally gone but feels 50% better...hopefully this is the issue ill keep massaging and see if it goes away.

    I also remembered as of last week i started doing more posing after and between lifts so maybe this caused the strain.

  7. pains all gone, put peanut oil on it last night rubbed it in real deep and have it a loooooong deep massage and pains gone, thanks agagin!


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