Macros Coming Off a Cycle

  1. Macros Coming Off a Cycle

    I am currently in my last week of my Hdrol cycle of 50/50/75/75/100/100,my cals are right around 3000 at a 24F/31C/44P, nad I know I have to keep the cals high but do I need all the extra protien or should I switch some more cals to healthy fats to try to boost my test levels back quicker. I tend to gain fat easy the higher my carbs get but if I go a little higher on the carbs too it probably wont hurt huh? Any sugestions?

  2. Im interested too. BUMP

  3. If carbs make you fat, dont eat a lot of them.

    Always keep protein high and bump the fat a little if you need to.

    Remember your going to have to eat to support all that new muscle mass. Figure out your new maintenance calories at your new weight and adjust them accordingly.
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  4. I appreciate the help. I'll probably go to a 24F/35C/40P when I come off and keep the cals at 3000 for a few weeks because I'm stepping up my cardio to 5-6days a week instead of 3 days a week while I was on cycle.

  5. sat. fat and cholestrol are good ways to get back your Testesterone


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