Lunch and dinner 3 hours apart, too close?

  1. Lunch and dinner 3 hours apart, too close?

    I was wondering about my meal schedule right now

    meal # 1 breakfast 8 am

    meal #2 - 10 am

    meal #3 lunch - 2 pm

    meal #4 dinner - 5 pm

    meal #5 - 8 pm

    meal #6 - 11 pm

    The reason why its set up like that is due to the fact that I have classes from 10 am to 2 pm every day which forces me to push lunch back to 2 pm, with breakfast, lunch and dinner both being full meals, and the other meals being snacks (trail mix and fruits). With lunch and dinner being 3 hours apart, is it too close together? I usually eat a wheat sandwich + spinach salad, and dinner being grilled chicken or fish with sides and salad.

  2. Take food to class

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Cub View Post
    Take food to class

    Yeah, thats what I do easiest way to get meals in.

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