Green Veggies on the Anabolic Diet

  1. Green Veggies on the Anabolic Diet

    For those of you who have tried out the anabolic diet, were green veggies like (spinach, brocolli, celery, cucumbers) counted within the 30 grams of carbs? I figured the since these foods are so high in fiber, these foods would be "free" carbs.

  2. No such thing as a free carb, with the exception of fiber, which you don't count. If you eat 4 lb's of brocolli and it yeilds 29 carbs after subracting fiber, then you just ate 29 carbs be it sugar or brocolli.

  3. right, so with green veggies u count carbs minus the fiber content??

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cranghel099 View Post
    right, so with green veggies u count carbs minus the fiber content??

    Fiber doesn't count towards your carb intake because it doesn't spike insulin. So don't count it, yeah.

  5. Net Carbs ( which you count ) = Total Carbs - Total Fiber

  6. awesome thanks for clearing that up guys!

    i'm gunna give the anabolic diet a try for a couple of months and see how i like it

    i think it'll be good for me i have more of a meso-endo body type, i'm fairly sensitive to carbs

  7. any suggestions for carbs???

  8. I have been on A.D since November and have used it to bulk and have been on my contest prep for the last 3 1/2 weeks. I love it! Never felt better! I always count carbs total. I don't mess with fiber subtracting.

    PM if you have questions.

  9. I've also been on the anabolic diet.

    2 day slower carb-ups seem to yeild more of a metabolic boost for the next 5 days when going low cal.

    I can add 1 rep to any exersize if I have a 1500 calorie carb meal 2-3 hours prior to lifting, lol.

  10. do u guys carb up for 48 hours??? i was thinking of doing like 36 hours er less, do u guys have any order of carbs u consume first??? for example simple carbs first slowly change it over to more complex???

  11. I got real good results refeeding for 12 hours but I've been doing more like 48hr refeeds.

    Pretty sure it depends on B/F% as well as how your body handles carbs.

    I'd try 2-3 weeks with 48hr refeeds, then 2-3 weeks with 36, then 2-3 weeks of 24, and finally 2-3 weeks of 12 to see how your body reacts.


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