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    The bodybugg™ is the most accurate device on the market today for measuring calorie expenditure outside of a clinical setting.

    It utilizes a patented process for interpreting calorie burn called "sensor fusion" developed by BodyMedia, Inc. This process involves collecting a range of body-data using multiple physiological sensors instead of a single sensor, which is what other calorie estimation devices such as pedometers and heart rate monitors rely on. It's this multi-sensor approach that enables bodybugg™ to "see" the wearer's context (whether they are sitting, sleeping, jogging, walking, etc.) that makes bodybugg™ such a reliably accurate device for calorie expenditure estimation. Physiological Sensors

    Here is a list of the sensors in the bodybugg™ followed by a short description of how they contribute to energy expenditure estimation.
    Accelerometer - The accelerometer in bodybugg™ is a two-axis micro-electro-mechanical sensor (MEMS) device that measures motion. This motion can be mapped to forces (g-force) exerted on the body. By taking gravity and motion into account along with the other sensor data, the wearer's body context and true level of physical exertion can be accurately predicted.
    Heat Flux - The bodybugg™ also contains a proprietary heat flux sensor located on the side that measures the amount of heat being dissipated by the body via a thermally resistant material. In short, this sensor measure how much heat the wearer's body is giving off. Heat flux is an important parameter because the body tends to heat up the faster it burns calories.
    Galvanic Skin Response - Better known as GSR, this sensor is comprised of two "hypo-allergenic" stainless steel electrodes on the back of the armband that measure skin conductivity. Skin conductivity is how much an electrical current can pass between two points on the surface of the skin and is affected by sweat due to physical exertion as well as emotional stimuli such as psychological stress.
    Skin Temperature - Skin temperature is measured by using a highly accurate thermistor-based sensor located on the back of the bodybugg™. Looking at continuous measurement of skin temperature in conjunction with data collected from the other sensors can reveal the body's core temperature trends which are affected by the level of a person's physical exertion or lack thereof.
    The data these 4 sensors collect, in conjunction with the wearer's specific body parameters (age, gender, height, weight) enable the most accurate estimation of energy expenditure on the market today outside of a clinical setting.

  2. Heres the problem. You have to pay for a subscription monthly and that can get costly. Is there a alternative to this where you don't pay monthly subscription for it. Looks neat but is it worth the price.

  3. I see this as a alternative but its not a arm band which could fall off. Costs less but I wonder how well it compares. Than theres Health Wizard 195$ but I can't seem to find it. Similar device but herd its better and does more than the body bug.

  4. Any one?

  5. Unique, and interesting, but way over the top IMO. The body needs not to be hyper-baby sitted. Would it be fun to see how many calories you burn in a day? Sure. Would be it be effective knowledge... that's where it gets blurry.

    Although it sounds like a cliche nowadays - spend the money on a cleaner diet. It almost always can use the extra attention.

  6. i have a bodybugg i got from a friend who is a trainer at 24-hour fitness. yes it is very helpful in breaking down how many calories you burn a day and it gives a breakdown of how many calories you burned each minute. this could be VERY useful for thermogenic products seeing it uses a thermistor to measure body temperature, it should be able to accurately measure how the thermo is affecting ur metabolism. it also has a workout and diet tracker similar to AM
    you put in foods u ate from a huge list or add your own and based on goals u decide u want it tells you how many more calories you should be eating. however i dont know if it worth $400 a year, since its thru a trainer i paid $100 for the year and i think thats worth it but otherwise i dunno it does have a lot of cool features.

  7. Damn, that thing sounded great up until the monthly subscription thing...


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