Anyone else have whatever sickness is going around??

  1. Anyone else have whatever sickness is going around??

    I've been sick for what seems like 2 weeks, and I don't seem to be feeling any better. I've had a constant low fever, clogged sinuses, constant fatigue, and morning headaches. I've been doing the Benadryl/Advil/water treatment but things just don't seem to be getting any better!

    Whatever this cold/flu/bug is, it's not fun. If you know/see anyone who has it STAY AWAY!! 3 people in my house have had it so far and it has taken everyone a really long time to get over.

  2. This is the time of year when I double up on my methyl-B12 dosage to prevent this type of sh*t.
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  3. same thing here! me, my brother, and my dad all have/had it for like 2 weeks..

    I have a headache every morning, mild sore throat every night, and congestion damn near all the time.. sucks so bad.

  4. yep, met too... gave it to the girlfriend too, only she isn't handleing it as well and is way more sick than I ever got.

  5. Get on the apple cider vinegar. It kills EVERYTHING!

  6. Yeah, whatever the hell it is it hit me hard...over and over again...and what makes it the worst of all is the fact that I WORK IN A HOSPITAL! -_-..... But it's been bouncing me back and forth like crazy...two weeks I feel like crap, one week I feel fine...rinse...repeat....

  7. Don't know where u guys are located but i'm here in CT and I just got sick, caught it from a friend and now we're all sick, me, my bro and my friend and his g/f. It really sucks having your sinuses congested, nose running, headache, and aching muscles. Of course this has to happen during finals! I can't concentrate on studying when I have to blow my nose every 2 secs.

  8. I had it for about a day and a half last week.

    Now, I am not just a bodybuilder, but also a general health nut, and I don't preach, but I will tell you the supps/food I was using to get over it fast:

    vitamin C (I take daily anyhow....bump up to 500mg at least 10 times a day when I feel sick)
    selenium (50mcg twice daily)
    COQ10 (60mg 3x daily)
    fresh minced garlic (teaspoon w/every meal)
    ACV (great someone suggested...mixed 50/50 w/ginger ale, I sip a glass of it throughout the day and gargle w/pure ACV)
    astragalus (500mg twice daily)
    elderberry (650mg twice daily)
    reishi mushroom powder (1g twice daily)

    And only at the initial onset of symptoms, I take 1/2 tsp of glycerin-based echinacea extract every few hours.

    ....that's basically it. What I am going for is a fairly cost-effective and proven bunch of things to fight sickness. I don't buy questionable "fad" supps and whatnot.

  9. My wife got sick a couple weeks back and I got it the next night. We are both fighting it but I just can't seem to get rid of it. I think it is finally starting to clear up but I usually never get sick and if I do it's never as long as this time was.

  10. i got it too. missed work last friday.

  11. Gut Health,. NOxidant and plenty of multivitamins has kept me right as the mail.
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  12. Sounds like the Adenovirus I had a month or so back. Low grade fever that gets worse at night and just a long, drawn out crappy cold.

    I think my tonsils are shot because I have been sick a record 6 times since November which is unheard of for me. Supplements pull me out of it each time but then a few weeks later, I get knocked down again. Sucks.


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