trans fats

  1. trans fats

    Hydrogenated oils are trans fats right? Well, some products such as peanut butter contain fully hydrogenated vegetable oil and the trans fat content listed is 0g. Whats up with that?

  2. I'm pretty sure that if the per serving of trans fat is .4g or less, the company can list 0g as its trans fat content...

    Anyway, drop the peter pan and jif, go with a natural pb. In other words, it should only state "peanuts, salt" as the ingredients unless its some special type like Power PB, etc.

  3. Also note that trans-fats are naturally occuring in low amounts. I know on my bar of cheese, 30g has 0.3g of naturally occuring trans-fats, same with your beef. Due to labelling loopholes, I think the US may allow it to be labelled trans-fat free is <0.4, luckily Canada doesn't allow that anymore.

    I 2nd the suggestion of Natural PB, you will adjust to the taste quite quickly. As a treat, I suggest cashew butter, or for a slightly cheaper alternative (yet still more than Natural PB) try almond butter.

  4. hydrogenated oils should be banned in the production of commercial foods.

    anyway... i still live with my parents (im 17) and thats what they always buy. i like the taste of natty PB. The reason why she probably doesn't buy it is because when she does... its gone pretty quick

    Thanks for the quick responses

  5. yeah they are pretty nasty.

    Anything foreign to the body like the trans fats or man made fats cause total havok on the body.



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