Anabolic Solution worthing getting?

  1. Anabolic Solution worthing getting?

    I already own the original AD and picked up and read the entire Metabolic Diet (which by thw way was well sited and informitive but not really targetted at the BBer or serious athlete and had far to many supplement cataloge pages). I am doing AD right now and plan on staying on this or a similar plan UD2 or modified BO for a while.

    Would it be a complete waste of my money to get a copy of Anabolic Solution for BBers, or are the new concepts and infromation worth it.

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  3. The Anabolic Solution is also FULL of supplement pages (blah).

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND View Post
    The Anabolic Solution is also FULL of supplement pages (blah).
    Thats what I was afraid of.

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