Lossof Motivation in gym! Need Advice pleasee!

  1. Lossof Motivation in gym! Need Advice pleasee!

    I broke my wrist at a basketball game around 4 months ago. I have one week of therapy left until i am aloud to lift again. Sense the injury i have still been lifting my legs and doing cardio to keep to fat off while still taking protien, vitamins and other varoius supplements. The only problem is i dont feel as motivated as i was before the injury to get back into the gym. My weight has dropped and when i look in the mirror i see my weak and skinny self before i started lifting. Anyone with any adivice or if you have experinced this before feel free to inform me on how to get motivated again!

    Current weight-190
    Bench press before injury-350
    sqaut B.I.-435
    Deadlift B.I-465

  2. Muscle memory is a great thing. If your wrist is completely healed, it should only take a month or two for you to get back to where you were before. You can do it.

  3. i know just how you feel. my suggestion is that you get your intensity back. that's what it is: intensity. you should go and pick up some weights to hit up in your house and a pullup bar for a bit. if the wallet permits, pick up a bar, empty dumbells, some plates (35, 25, 10, 5, 2.5), and a pullup bar to nail to the door jamb and get busy on something for a couple months or so. then, hit the gym again if you want.

    you can find intensity at home, free from the outside eye.

  4. I know how it feels man. Get yourself a good lifting partner and pump some iron. Having a dedicated partner who is on the same page as you will definitely up you're motivation and intensity level. Good luck.

  5. When you come back, don't worry about the numbers man. Who cares about, "yo dawg! how much you bench?"

    Everytime someone asks me that I feel like popping them in the left eye with a sudden jab.

    You'll be good man. Go into it with a different approach and a different routine maybe. The week off will give you plenty of time to develope a new strategy.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  6. try a different approach and start doing lifts that youve never done before and work on improving them.lifts that you dont know how much you couldve done and then work on improving them.

    fustration will only hurt your motivation even more.muscle memory will allow what youve done in the past and more.

    as long as you dont give up it'll come back, good luck


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