I twisted my knee counter clockwise, while turning into a throw (judo), and my foot stayed stationary because the mat was stickey, but it did finally follow the knee.

Almost immediately the knee felt weird, not painful. It just felt out of place, so I streched it in every imaginable position and no pain, just a weird out of place feeling. It does not appear to be dislocated. It seems it was temporarily out of place.

Today, the day after, it is a bit painful if I straighten it, but no pain when I bend it or squat and put weight. If I walk, I can't fully straighten it without slight pain / weird feeling, but I can still walk without pain if I leave it ever so slightly bent.

I scheduled an appointment with an othorpedic specialist, and until then I will take it easy on the knee, and take 400 mg ibuprofen 3x a day while occasional icing.

Can you think of any other recommendations? Does this sound serious or minor?