Nightshifts, Cardio, Sleep. Effects?

  1. Nightshifts, Cardio, Sleep. Effects?

    So I've been wanting to get back into the gym, and have a fairly good idea of what I want to do, when, etc. Problem is I now work a nightshift(Which I've been on for a few months now.) I'm hesitant(sp) about doing my workouts after work, which would be about 7am, mainly because I'm not sure how it will effect sleep, and my body in general. Just wondering if anyone has some insight to the doing cardio right before sleeping thing or if it would just be a....I guess 'waste'.

    Thanks for the input

  2. Could you adjust it to do your training right before work?

  3. It would be possible I suppose. I do have other things to attend to before work so it would be cutting things short in most occasions. I am going to..hopefully be giving both a try and see what works. I would have more time in the morning though.

  4. The only negative I have heard about exercising right before bed (mainly during fat loss periods) is that the boost in metabolism is quickly diminished since it will slow when you go to sleep.

    If its the only option than its better than nothing, but if you could it may be beneficial to work out prior to going to work (you will also be much fresher prior to work than after providing a higher quality workout).

  5. I used to switch back and forth between days/nights every 6 weeks and would always do it right after work. I am not a morning person(meaning when I wake up) so I liked it better. I still would manage to get to sleep ok. Cardio is cardio and some is better than none. fit it in when you have time, just fit it in. Good luck
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  6. Hmm fair enough. I will try and shift things around so I am able to workout before my shift. My job is fairly labour intensive so basically, it would be kind of a extending workout, but not as intense.

    I know a few on my shift who workout before coming in, and they always seem drained halfway through the shift (Although, that may be due to work ethic and not the gym xD)

    AH good stuff Copy. I'm not much of a morning person either...staying up all night is much easier haha. I will give both a shot and see what fits better.

    Thanks for the input ^^

  7. I find it harder to sleep after the gym when i'm all amped up. I used to work second shift and I hit the gym before I went. But it depends on your body and how you manage it.

  8. I work 3rd shift now at what can also be at times fairly laborous. I think it's to your best benefit to try and get this cardio in before work. If you get a decent amount of time in and get that metabolism running and turbocharged, then everything you do physical at work will have a greater impact on your body than it would have had before.

    I've tried when i get off of work and it's just not the same...something about it doesn't feel right, and I have a little trouble falling asleep after. Everyone's opinion is different though...good luck.
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  9. Yeah, when I work nightshift I get my workout in before work. Sometimes I attempt to go in the morning, but I have yet to actually bring myself to it. I feel soooo terrible after night shift. Maybe if I worked it steadily I would, but not just moonlighting.

  10. I work nights as well, and lifted after my shift in the morning for the first time today. I had a ok lift, but you definitely do not have as much energy when you lift after your shift. I also crashed hard as hell afterwards, and towards the end of my workout was feeling very worn down. I'd def. recommend lifting before you go in.

  11. Yeah I know what you mean, I've tried both over the week and before work is alot better. More energy throughout the well night xD

    Thanks for the help ^^

  12. when i worked nights i would go directly to the gym when i got out of work. if i went home first and sat down i would crash.


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