Diets for older, overweight women.

  1. Diets for older, overweight women.

    My Mom is 55 years old, 5'7, 213 lbs. She needs to lose weight and so I've begun to think about constructing a diet for her which she will follow along with a cardio routine.

    Does anybody any guidance on putting together a diet for an older woman? I think a lot of us would have no problem on a diet plan for a guy that works out but this situation is new territory for me.

  2. You got to nix your pre conceived view on what is allowed for cutting. I tried pushing my mom into a diet and put way to much emphasis in making a diet I would consider legit.

    Make sure it has a lot of stuff she likes (to a point) like yogurt, fruit, and other items she likes (assuming she likes these since most women seem to). Unless she is really on board and gung ho about weight loss and willing to do anything the diet will be the hardest part. It's important to not make her hate all the food and have it become a chore. There will have to be some effort on her part to accept some choices you provide but just make it realistic. So make it foods she likes with a lot of emphasis on overall calorie control to start off with.

    Good luck man.

  3. Ive found it easier to give macro parameters and try and piece the diet together with the foods shed want to eat rather than a strict diet with absolute limitations. I agree a lot with OCC, If its too strict, she probably wont stick with it.

    I had to piece a diet together for my girlfriend in a similar fashion and shes down 26 lbs. so far. With some food latitude and trade-offs it doesnt seem so bad.

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