Should you work out if you're sick??

  1. Should you work out if you're sick??

    Ok guys, I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I've heard so many differant opinions I'd like to get some advice. I just started to get back into the work out cycle and recently started stacking with the Venom Tri-lean system. But the past two days I've been feeling like absolute crap, head ache, feel like I have fluid in my lungs, sore throat...wonderful cold symptoms. I'm not sure if its a cold or if its that I've been pushing it too hard, but wonder if its ok to work through this, or take a day off...also, should you still stack while you're sick??? Or should I stop with the Tri-Lean and start again when my body is healthy?


  2. IMO you should not workout when legitimately sick. Some will disagree and point to the "man up and lift" mentality but in the long run you are much, much better off.

    When sick your body needs to have full force and energy expenditure going towards fighting off the illness and becoming healthy. If you interfere with this process (by putting additional stress on your body) you will only further worsen your bodies fight/healing process.

    Furthermore you won't be training at 100% and recovery will be way below normal status making the workout itself almost useless.

    Recover, then go train.

  3. OCC covered it pretty well. i will say this, though. if you have what are called strictly "above the neck" symptoms, you are clear to hit up a workout if you must. but if you are experiencing things like muscle aches and bronchial problems, that's a no-no. you'll read online about this principle, and i, having had this question a long while back, looked into it, and followed it. in some cases, it made me feel a bit better to hit up a workout when a little 'ill.' in others, it did make it worse. it's a judgment call for everyone. later, bro.

  4. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I've heard about that 'above the kneck' deal too...

    But what about the Tri-lean, should I keep taking it while I'm recovering for a couple days and not hitting the gym, or ...???

  5. Ive been there...

    do a maintainign workout but don't train balls to the wall because you need your immune system to be optimal to make serious gains
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  6. usually if i'm starting to feel a cold coming on i'll still train but take it easy. Also i may take an extra recovery day and take a couple echinacea tabs till it starts to clear up. If its like proper sick i'd stay out the gym.

  7. for me even minor 'neck & up' issues warrant immediate zinc/magnesium/vitamin c boosting and a day or two off, even minor symptoms turn in to full on colds for me if I strain myself during that time.

  8. Don't be afraid to take a day off, you're not going to gain or make too much progress if your body is sick. Yes its a minor setback but there's no reason to risk prolonging it. Take a day or two off and recover first, you're body will thank you.

  9. GENERALLY, you'd just want to take a day off ya know. Unless your preping for a contest, you have the luxury to miss a workout of two becasue of being sick.
    That being said, after about 2 days, I get to the point where I'l want to go regardles.
    Anyways, one strange thing with me is, if I lift when I'm sick- as in runing a fever, It will actually make me feel better afterwards!!
    Cardio, does not have the same effect.

    Seems silly, but it's like contracting the muscles raise the body temperture to kill of bacteria/infection, and/or increase blood flow to the muscles , which carry white blood cells to the areas (in particular, my back ALWAYS feels weak when Im about to get pretty sick- Its how I always know it's not just a cold.. strange feeling).
    Anyways, the means in which this seems to work are many in my mind, and could just include hormonal response in response to the training.
    I',m sick now, and I'll be damned if I just sisn't work for me this time.
    (I think the training CAUSED it this time, so..)

    Just my observation

  10. The main reason i dont train when sick is that it can prolong and drag out the sympotoms from maybe a 1-2day thing to all week if not longer, your body can only do so much and rebuilding muscle while fighting off a cold is quite a lot.

  11. Thanks guys for all the imput its much appreciated! But no one answered the question about if I should keep on the Tri-Lean if I'm not training???

  12. I will tell you this. If you are sick, the worst think you can be taking is Venom. That stuff will bring you down fast and hard. I am somewhat sick, and I can pull off a good workout still. BUT, you need to drop stims, or you WILL NOT get better.

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  13. pdigs
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    yes u can take tri-lean, stims are fine. if u dont remember, all cold medicines had pseudophedrine in them before it was banned due to meth.
  14. pdigs
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    as for the working out... if its just a cold u can drive through it. but itll just be equal to a bad day at the gym. so u wont really gain anything, just maintain

  15. Quote Originally Posted by pdigs View Post
    yes u can take tri-lean, stims are fine. if u dont remember, all cold medicines had pseudophedrine in them before it was banned due to meth.
    Your logic is flawed.

    Pseudophedrine has benefits in cold medicine. It was a great decongestant. Massive doses of Guarana, and Caffine has no such effects.

    If you have ever taken venom, you would know that stuff makes you feel like a crack addict, and the crash makes you feel like 10 pounds of dog shlt.

    To compare sudafed to todays stims is like comparing your 22 guage to a 50cal, its just not in the same ball park.

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  16. pdigs
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    Quote Originally Posted by DAdams91982 View Post
    To compare sudafed to todays stims is like comparing your 22 guage to a 50cal, its just not in the same ball park.

    ahh ephedrine is way stronger than anything on todays shelves bud. other way around u mean

  17. Quote Originally Posted by pdigs View Post
    ahh ephedrine is way stronger than anything on todays shelves bud. other way around u mean
    Oh come on now... Ephedrine, and PSEUDOephedrine are two different animals there sly.

    Hell, I am prescribed PSEUDOephedrine right now, and guess what, two of em does exactly jack to me (60mgs), whereas EPHEDRINE would jack me to no belief. There is a reason that it takes a relative shlt ton to make a small amount of meth.

    Just blatantly stating ephedrine is stronger than what is on the shelves now, when we were talking about pseudoephedrine shows were this conversation is going.

    One last time.
    Ephedrine - In fat burners
    Pseudoephedrine - in cold medicines


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  18. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the input. My cold took a turn for the worst, and they think it might be pneumonia, soooooo...I stopped training and stopped taking the venom till I get my body back to health awesomeness! Till then the docs put me on some antibiotics and told me to stay in bed guess thats it. I'm just bummed that I was hitting a great momentum and now I'll have to start all over again...agh.........


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