Another question for ya'll

  1. Another question for ya'll

    Hey guys. I have another question, this time concerning daily fat intake. As of now, my diet follows a carb tapering plan. All of my meals that contain carbs are in the morning and afternoon and towards the evening I taper the carbs off and increase my fat intake.

    My question is this. Would it be more efficient to simply eat a steady amount of fat per meal (say, 12 g fat per meal) as opposed to having few if barely any fat in the early morning/ afternoon hours and then having a couple meals at the end of the day with just protein and a high amount of fat?

    A typical "carb" meal for me consists of either 6 oz lean steak or 5 oz chicken breast w 5 oz whole wheat pasta. Any fat from these meals comes from either the steak or the chicken with a very little bit coming from some smart balance butter in my pasta. I tend to have this meal about 2 or 3 times a day (depending on when I wake up), in addition to oats in the morning and some O.J. PWO.

    The last meal to two meals of my day are then just protein and fat meals alone. One favorite of mine is 1 1/2 cups egg whites w 2 whole eggs, w 3 sausage links and 3 slices lean turkey bacon. This meal is a little over 50 g protein and about 20 grams fat.

    If I eat again after this I'll have whey with a couple tablespoons of organic peanut butter.

    So my question again is this... is the general scheme of my diet alright as it stands or would it be more efficient to eat the same amount of fat with each meal (even carb meals), then at the end of the day just eliminate the carbs like I do but have the same amount of protein per meal with the same amount of fat ( so only 12ish grams)? The only reason for my having 20 something grams of fat with these last couple meals is so I can compensate for the absence of carbohydrates.

    My total fat intake for the day would stay the same in the vicinity of 60-70 grams fat.

    Any/ all thoughts here are welcome please. Thanks!

  2. Definitely think you should spread the fats evenly.

  3. Yeah I've been thinking that myself lately. I do love my high fat meals though. But I'm also concerned about balance.

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