Just started Metabolic Diet...

  1. Just started Metabolic Diet...

    on day two of the 12day adjustment period, day one was rough.... I am pretty sure I exceed the 30carbs, but was probably under 50carbs. kept getting bouts of sweatiness, and swaying back and forth between feeling crappy and feeling good.

    day two is a little better, still getting sweaty spells but not as many crappy swings as yesterday. really thirsty though, and really indulging on crystal light (think that keeps carb cravings at bay).

    based on many AD logs I have seen here, going to add plenty of capped fish oils with every meal. i was wondering about these other fatty oils though: (suggestions on dosing appreciated)

    flax oil
    wheat germ oil

    i read that MCTs are not good to take, sucks as I just bought a quart of the stuff.. going to pick up heavy whipping cream too to add to my protein shakes.

    Any advice appreciated, not really keeping track of calories, current weight is 235, trying to get under 220 while retaining strength.

  2. Dont worry about calories for the first 12 days while your getting your body adjusted to using fat as its primary source of energy.

    After you've done your first refeed your going to want to start weighing/measuring all of your food as well as tracking it. This is when I really noticed a big difference in my body and the changes have been coming quickly ( well fast enough for me ).

    You can take CLA, Sesamin, and Flax seed oil just log the calories and figure them into your daily macros.

    I'm ~11 weeks into a CKD and about 8 weeks of counting/tracking my calories, im down ~8lbs and ~1.5-2" on my waist while going up in strength at ~2300calories a day. I've also cheated really hard on the weekends and boozed pretty good during my refeeds.

    I can only imagine the progress I could have made if I had more self control on the weekends

    Give it hell and dropping 10-15lbs shouldnt be a problem on this diet as long as you really stick to it and use some self control

  3. thanks, day three has been easier so far... less mood swings and sweaty spells so far.

    last night after a romp in the sack with the wife I broke down and ate a donut, put my carbs for the day at about 60g again. for my evening shake i added a 1/4 cup of heavy cream, that made for a delicious shake, wish I had done that before...

    having a hard time eating enough fats when i go out for lunch, are pills the best way to get in the fats in those situations? like today went to boston market, had no problem getting the protein, had only one side of steamed veggies and only ate about a third of it, but I could not get any fats in other that what the chicken had.
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  4. First of all, welcome to the world of carb cycling!

    During the assessment phase it is important for you to stay as close to 0 carbs as possible and track how many carbs you are eating during the day, even if you aren't tracking overall calories. This will give you a feel for how many carbs you are eating later on without having to count them and will also help you to keep your carbs at or below 30g per day. 60g of carbs is too much when you are in the assessment phase and toning this down will make for a faster and smoother transition into a fat burning metabolism.

    Also, when you go out to eat the best way to make sure you get your fats in is to bring some with you. Yeah, sure, pills are fine but you don't want to be carrying 70 caps of fish/flax/cla or whatever on your person, let alone taking that large a percentage of omega-3's during the day. I find that bringing a tupperware or small bottle with extra virgin olive oil is an easy way to get in fat calories where ever you may be.

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