Diet On Cycle

  1. Diet On Cycle

    I am starting my Hdrol cycle next week and wanted to know how many more caloies I should take in. Currently I weigh 180 at 5'11", 13% body fat, 2400KCAL maintenance, 40/40/20 diet. I am looking to drop to 10% and add a little more muscle.

  2. any sugestions?

  3. it's pretty hard to get a specific answer to that kind of question, I'd suggest just upping it by about 500, straight protein. Add another shake or two to your daily intake, what you really want to capitalize on is the increase in protein synthesis anyway. From there, after a week if you feel you can add more, just up it bit by bit, say 200 calories of protein at a time, until you strike a balance that's right for you.

  4. 1.wakeup: 40g whey protein with 30g WMS
    2.breakfast: 3 egg whites and 3 whole eggs, 1-1.5 cup of oats
    3.snack: 2 scoops of muscle milk and 2 pieces of WW bread
    4.lunch: chicken breast with 1 cup brown rice
    5.snack: 1 scoop of whey (25g) with 1 scoop of casein (25g), 2-4 pieces of WW bread
    6.preworkout: some form of preworkout energy sup, since I have tons from the arnold plus 10g of BCAA
    7.postworkout: 60g whey with 100g WMS and 10g BCAA
    8.dinner: 1/2 lbs of chicken or 96% lean groud beef or salmon/tilapia (varies) with 1 cup brown rice or quinoa or oats
    9.bedtime: 40g casein with 10g BCAA

    I am about your size 180 but around 5-6%bf. Here was my diet on my recent 4 week HDrol cycle. The carbs changed a little each day. My cycle I leaned out greatly and put on some quailty muscle. Like they said above it is really trial and error to know what works for your body. It also depends on what you are trying to accomplish ie... cut, recomp, size.

  5. Night; Currently I'm taking in 240g protien so you reccommend an immediate increase of 125g of protien. Thats roughly 2 grams of potien per pound of body weight, should I continue to increase protien as I begin to gain in weight or should I then try to add more carbs and fats as well?



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