Pre/Post Workout Meal - Controversial stuff

  1. Pre/Post Workout Meal - Controversial stuff

    Considering I am on a cutting diet, could someone provide suggestions as to what I could possibly take for my pre/post workout meal? More so for the post workout meal since thats where all the controversy lies.

    Current Meals:
    Pre Workout:
    Apples/Oranges (4/5 slices) <-- considering a change to oats/wholegrains
    Whey Protein
    1% Skimmed Milk

    Post Workout:
    Whey Protein
    1% Skimmed Milk
    Fruit Juice (inclusive of sugar & fructose)

    So this is what I am actually interested in. For some of the guides I have read, they advocate using fruits pre-workout as they help dilate the blood vessels as well as other benefits which i shall not delve into. However, they ARE high in fructose. Something which i do not really want. so i was considering swapping them with perhaps 2 slices of wholegrained bread. Opinions are very welcome (:

    Now this is the tricky one. I have read through many many articles. Most of which recommend the use of High GI carbs to increase insulin levels which will in-turn up protein synthesis. However, in the recent posts/ articles i have been reading, there seems to be a change in thoughts as well as study results. And now it seems that low glycemic carbs would work just as well, if not better then intaking high GI carbs. I was therefore wondering if i should replace my fruit juice once again with 2 slices of whole grained bread/oats? Also, if i were to replace them with oats, was wondering if i could just add them into the shake without blending them into powder (im using instant quaker) and not throw up lol.

    Long post but, i hope you guys take the time to read it and help me out. Thanks all in advance

  2. Don't worry about GI rates,just get some protein and carbs in both pre and pwo for optimal effect.

    I have oats and whey 90 mins preworkout and sweet potato and eggs (2 whole 5 whites) post.

    This works well.

  3. wow.thanks man. but if my pre-workout were to be about an hour and a half before my train, do u think i should swap my fruit for the slices of whole grained?

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