Digestive Issues

  1. Digestive Issues

    I was diagnosed with IBS back when I was around 22 years old(about 14 years ago). Anyway lately I notice when I eat certain things, I am ready to go to the bathroom either right after I finish my meal or I have to stop eating to run to the bathroom. Back when I was "diagnosed" they really didn't know much about IBS. I say diagnosed in quotes because when I started having the problems I got a sigmoidoscopy, then a colonoscopy and various other tests. They said there was nothing wrong with me, just that my colon was "irriatated". Several years later I went to my general practioner and he said he got a letter from the gasto that performed the colonoscopy saying that I had IBS. I tried to contact that doctor and I was told he no longer practices medicine!. Anyway back when I first got the colonocopy and the doc gave me a medication called Dicyclomine(sp?). It worked for a little while till I had to keep increasing the dosage. So it became useless because at a certain dosage it just becomes toxic. I have been off of it for many years.

    Fast forward to today and I still have symptoms. Some days I go to the bathroom(#2) 10 times a day. Also, not be gross but bleeding. A lot of bright red blood. This had been going on the whole time, probally around 15-18 depending on how well my memory serves me. A lot of stuff I read online says that bleeding is not a part of IBS...Really don't want to bring this up at the doctors and don't want to go through the embaressment like I did back in my younger days. Also I don't like to waste time and resources by going to a gastro and geting more useless tests done. It has just been on my mind lately because of my increased symptoms and change in diet. Also because of this strange knot I have been feeling in my stomach. Thought it might be a muscle problem but not sure now.

    Possible Injury

  2. Bump for info from anyone elese with digestive dis-orders.

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