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    so heres the deal, I work full time, monday-friday from 8:30-5. I usually lift in the morning but was thinking of switching up to after I get off work, but the majority of my eating is at work and seems like I would get the most nutrients in during that time which could help muscels grow more possibly. After work if I lifted would only have a gainer shake and dinner. Now when I lift in morning I have cereal, gainer shake, oatmeal, chikenbreast, rice and beans, chiken breast then dinner when I get home. Does it matter at all?

  2. You will definitely get better results by having the bulk of your caloric intake be based close to your training. John Berardi has written a lot of information on nutrient timing and its effects on muscle. I mean you may not notice a huge difference, but personally I would try to get the majority of my food with the hours before and after training.
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