what diet would you have to lose fat around the midsection?

  1. what diet would you have to lose fat around the midsection?

    To lose fat around the midsection would you just have a diet low in fat, carbs but normal to high in protein?

  2. Low carbs, normal fat and high protein is probably a safe bet.

  3. IMO that has no influence on where you lose fat. Your body stores it according to genetics. Much of that has to do with the most efficient place to store it which is close to your center of gravity.

    To lose fat around the midsection you just have eat at below maintenance calories and lose it overall. Sorry, no quick fixes unless you go for lipo.

  4. You could try a transdermal fat burner, but I agree with Nitrox, the type of diet isn't going to effect where you lose fat. Generally speaking, fat is lost equally from all parts of the body. Actually you first lose fat at your extremities, so your core takes longer. Just keep a good clean below maintenance diet, know your body and how it reacts to different macronutrients, and do your cardio, but most importantly just stick with it. Like Nitrox said, there is no magic, it takes time to lose bodyfat, especially if your trying to retain muscle.

  5. Try some cla's they help target the mid section, i tried them for 30 days i saw a difference or you can try sesamin oil, My buddy used it and it worked wonders

  6. Your best bet is to reduce kcals by 10% and increase cardio. Once you reach ~10%, then you can use transdermal fat loss products (e.g. Naplam, Lipo-U) for spot reduction.
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