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  1. Exclamation Cutting\Bulking\Diet help

    I'm trying to lose fat and gain muscle... I lost 60 pounds over the last year by watching what I eat and working out 5 days a week before work..

    I want to lose fat on my stomach and love handles a little.. I had my body fat tested and I was under 13%. I dropped 5 pounds since then so I'm sure its less... I want to look ripped!!!

    Current stats:
    5' 10"
    between 165-170 lbs.

    I now take Cellucor M5 Extreme 45 min before workout...
    Can I take M5 pills with food? Like eat about 30 min later??

    What should I eat? Can I have a protein bar or is a apple and banana ok??

    Tomorrow this is what I plan on doing:
    Wake up: 4:30AM >Take M5
    5:20> Pure Protein Bar
    5:30-8 > GYM
    8:05 Designer Whey and Banana
    11:30 Pure Protein bar OR Yogurt
    1 > Turkey sandwich
    3 > Yogurt OR Baby Carrots
    6 > Dinner (What ever I or my mom makes- Watching the crabs etc.)

    Let me know what I should be doing going forward... I'm waiting on my shipment of Ripped Fuel that should be here in the next couple of days...

  2. send back that ripped fuel. You don't need it and it's a waste. Get some leviathan reloaded if you want a pill. Or an ECA stack.

    You should be able to do it on diet alone, though.

  3. Diet isn't working.. When I do a crash diet, the lowest I got was 166.. maintained for about a week... Its too hard doing a diet like that.. I was only eating like 1200 calories a day.. I think if I bulk up a little that I will much better...

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