1. Airborne

    Just wondering if any of you had ever tried this.

    There have been claims in the media that it's a scam, but I always seem to feel very good and healthy when I'm taking this. My allergies end up not bothering me at all and I don't get sick. I usually take one when I wake up and another just before bed.


  2. I never tried the stuff, never even read to see what's in it, all I can tell you is that right after TSHTF and those stories came out, I was walking through a drugstore and they had PILES of the stuff on an endcap for a penny a box...nobody was even looking at it...went back 2 or 3 days later and the manager said they ended up throwing it all out and taking up the matter with their wholesaler, nobody would touch the stuff even for a penny...

  3. I think we need Jacob to bring out a USPlabs supp that's keeps us healthy all year long especially when we are running a cycle. nothing worse then being sick and losing valuable time when "on".

  4. There is nothing wrong with airborne as a product. Their fault lied in violating DSHEA practices which state that a product cannot claim to cure, treat, or prevent any diseases.

    Airborne said that it could prevent/cure the common cold (not sure which.) A supplement CANNOT say that and expect to survive. It just takes one person to say, "I took airborne, and I still got a cold," to ruin it for the company.

    My store is in the same situation as methusaleh's, we took our display and moved in in the back, hasn't seen the light of day since. Currently isn't not even available on our website anymore either. Whoops.
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  5. Never tried airborne, but I have noticed that since I started taking our Poseidon product, my colds and/or allergins have been a lot easier to deal with.

    I'm curious as to whether or not anyone here has actually tried Airborne for seasonal cold prevention and actually liked the results.
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